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Some Artwork of mine.
Junk and what some people call artwork...
This picture was done for Naunen's "Shades of Blue" art contest.
Terra - The Awakening  
This is one of the rare Fanart I did since I was  a teenager. 
Back then, I would draw countless characters that I liked...
Rute Kiss 
This is a pic I did for my love, Rute Alves, that some here may know as Rutea7. <3 
It's not yet complete, I still have to put color...
Self Portrait 
Yeah, that's me looking in a mirror, doing some anatomy study and screwing the face in the process. 
Ever tried to draw yourself...
I drew this to explain to a fellow artist how you can mess things up if you don't take you time to draw properly.   
 The artist in...
Charcoal Night 
This is a sketch I did out of boredom, using my tablet...  I started with a random line and worked from there...
Pygme color 
Sometime I feel like drawing funny stuff...
The Spiritual Warrior 
This is quite old.  But my family and friends like it a lot so I post it here.   
I have many problems with this pic but I...

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