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4/24/14, 19:32:17 Keith
*cough* ethan *cough*
4/24/14, 19:31:57 Keith
someone should look on facebook
4/22/14, 00:05:05 Heretic
Good episode. Really fucking annoyed about that Jaime-Cersei scene though.
4/20/14, 08:44:14 Heretic
I work the next couple days. They are giving me 4 days off later though.
4/20/14, 02:08:11 Singularity
1 more day of work and then a week's holiday with the missus. Feels like I haven't seen her in months.
4/19/14, 22:49:50 Ethan
4/19/14, 22:49:43 Ethan
4/19/14, 22:11:51 Singularity
Eastern Europe's gonna Easten Europe.
4/19/14, 22:11:40 Singularity
after the boys have thrown the girls in a river, pond or lake.
4/19/14, 22:11:31 Singularity
A Slovakian girl was telling me at work today that in her country, for Easter the girls give boys chocolate eggs... afte
4/19/14, 07:12:38 Dora
When did XIII-2 Badfiction happen and why did I miss it?!
4/19/14, 07:12:03 Dora
Omg SHFL....
4/19/14, 03:03:53 Heretic
I ate a giant peanut butter egg.
4/18/14, 21:50:23 Dora
4/18/14, 21:38:11 Dora
Apparently it's tradition for kids to get them, after finding them hidden around the house.
4/18/14, 21:37:12 Dora
Haven't been eating too much cheesecake, but I got an Easter egg filled with sweets (albeit, they taste a bit weird compared to the ones I'm used to) that must weigh at least 1 kg.
4/18/14, 21:35:31 Dora
The rest of the time, they're kind enough to provide a summary in English.
4/18/14, 21:35:05 Dora
Think I'm actually beginning to pick up a bit of Swedish. I can at least make an educated guess at what Alex's family are saying most of the time.
4/18/14, 13:55:32 Heretic
At least you weren't gorging on cheesecake. Calories in a small slice are insane.
4/18/14, 06:52:32 Dora
Definitely need to run off all the extra pizza calories I've gained when we go home...
4/18/14, 06:51:42 Dora
Oh God, I feel so unhealthy. I think I've had vegetables twice in the time we've been here.
4/18/14, 02:58:26 Naunen
I'm in Chapter 8 and everything keeps happening.
4/18/14, 02:51:56 Naunen
Everything that'll fuck you over time and time again.
4/17/14, 19:52:47 Ethan
Just hit Chapter 5 in Bravely Default, what the fuck is going on
4/15/14, 03:36:50 Keith
if i get up at 5 30 am i can see the lunar eclipse? Lol nah. ill stay sleeping
4/12/14, 11:59:43 Heretic
4/12/14, 11:40:35 Heretic
And there's already fan art of it.
4/12/14, 11:39:20 Heretic
4/12/14, 09:32:56 Singularity
And to think, I hated his guts when I watched S1.
4/12/14, 09:32:47 Singularity
4/11/14, 23:44:24 Heretic
4/10/14, 21:02:11 Singularity
Still not as good as Arrow, but it has potential.
4/10/14, 21:01:58 Singularity
Agents of SHIELD has really improved lately. The latest episode set in the wake of Captain America 2 is amazing.
4/10/14, 19:47:12 Singularity
Man that news story's fucked. Some truly sick cunts in this world.
4/10/14, 19:45:04 Singularity
Now I'm quite good looking and it's just the total opposite. Makes me think sometimes how superficial human interaction is.
4/10/14, 19:44:29 Singularity
It's depressing seeing how shallow the world is sometimes. When I was a kid in school I was scrawny, had bad acne, very unconfident. Girls didn't give me the time of day, treated me with contempt, made fun of me.
4/10/14, 19:43:34 Singularity
My girlfriend's admitted to me she was a bully when she was at school.
4/10/14, 19:43:25 Heretic
I was never bothered by guys because they knew I'd just fight them. The dickheads even tried to "recruit" me which was annoying. The girls were the ones who occasionally said shit to me. I'd just flip them off and ignore them.
4/10/14, 19:43:22 Singularity
Yeah teenage girls are the worst.
4/10/14, 19:16:56 Ethan
All my bullying experiences were not just guys.
4/10/14, 19:16:22 Ethan
Never underestimate the ruthlessness of teenage girls, don't care what their upbringing was like.
4/10/14, 16:27:05 Heretic
4/8/14, 18:56:21 Dora
Thank fuck I don't work in a lab.
4/8/14, 18:35:56 Dora
Faaaaaaackkkkk, left the gas on this morning, came back 9 hours later...
4/8/14, 13:51:20 Jake
I don't expect her to head to Braavos until the end of this season.
4/8/14, 13:51:02 Jake
Since the inn scene already happened, looks like the rest of this season is going to be Arya and the Hound having new adventures they never had in the book.
4/8/14, 05:36:00 Heretic
And goddammit if Arya didn't get her pony and the Hound his chickens!
4/8/14, 05:28:23 Heretic
But first I'm guessing he's going to bone Margaery, Loras, Cersei and possibly even try to size up Jaime before the night is done.
4/8/14, 05:25:50 Heretic
Oberyn is awesome. It's going to make his inevitable fate all the more tragic to watch.
4/8/14, 05:23:37 Heretic
Last year Daario looked almost like a Targaryan to me, minus the silver hair.
4/8/14, 05:22:31 Heretic
New Daario is more how I imagined him when I read it anyway.
4/8/14, 05:21:47 Heretic
Thumbs up for Jon putting Janos "baby killer" Slynt in his place.
4/8/14, 05:20:32 Heretic
Hound and Arya make the world a better place.
4/8/14, 05:20:09 Heretic
I guess they still like hugs.
4/8/14, 00:35:45 Jake
So it's probably possible.
4/8/14, 00:35:37 Jake
Yeah, true. But I swear in ADwD it's mentioned that some of the Unsullied go to brothels. Not really for sex, but to be comforted, etc.
4/8/14, 00:30:14 Singularity
I suppose so. But isn't love just hormonal chemistry?
4/8/14, 00:29:58 Singularity
The things I do to see my girlfriend, she'd better appreciate this.
4/8/14, 00:29:45 Singularity
Ahh right need to get off, I'm up in 4 hours to get a coach and haven't even slept yet. What the fuck.
4/8/14, 00:29:36 Jake
But even if they couldn't have sex, I imagine most of them could still develop romantic feelings for another person.
4/8/14, 00:29:18 Singularity
How dare they defile the books so.
4/8/14, 00:26:06 Jake
Depends on when they were cut I imagine. Although, I'm pretty sure in the books it's stated the Unsullied are completely cut. While in the show, Daario seems to imply that Grey Worm just lost his balls.
4/8/14, 00:24:07 Singularity
Would a Eunuch even feel remotely that way inclined?
4/8/14, 00:22:42 Jake
Hopefully, nothing really comes of it.
4/8/14, 00:22:35 Jake
The Daario, Dany, Grey Worm triangle they seem to be setting up is very #groanzone
4/7/14, 23:55:44 Singularity
They still need to introduce the prophecies too, I mean really.
4/7/14, 23:55:24 Singularity
I know, saw him in the preview and thought 'oh lordy.'
4/7/14, 23:55:11 Singularity
http://i.imgur.com/2Mj3BzZ.jpg hahaha
4/7/14, 23:55:08 Jake
I can't at them randomly bringing Dontos back after never showing him at all in season three.
4/7/14, 23:54:45 Jake
Looks like instead of a hairnet, the show will be using a necklace for the poison.
4/7/14, 23:52:53 Singularity
She'd scream my roof down at the Red Wedding.
4/7/14, 23:52:39 Singularity
Still, I managed to get her totally hooked on Breaking Bad so we'll see. Last episode we watched together was One Minute, her reactions at the end were amazing.
4/7/14, 23:52:08 Singularity
I'm really going to make an effort to get my girlfriend into the show but it'll be tough. She doesn't like fantasy, fell asleep when we watched The Hobbit 2 in the cinema.
4/7/14, 23:51:37 Jake
4/7/14, 23:51:27 Singularity
tfw I have no Unsullied friends to watch it with.
4/7/14, 23:49:01 Jake
4/7/14, 23:48:18 Singularity
Oh shit is it the Purple Wedding next week?
4/7/14, 23:48:10 Singularity
Well as someone who doesn't want to bone the entire male cast I think he's pretty generic without the exotic/zany charm of the original actor
4/7/14, 23:46:13 Jake
But that may be a major reason.
4/7/14, 23:46:05 Jake
Also, I like new Daario. And no it's not just because I want to sleep with him.
4/7/14, 23:44:37 Jake
I meant Unsullied in the non-book reader sense.
4/7/14, 23:44:07 Singularity
I think I'll really enjoy this season since I've forgotten all but major plot points from the books.
4/7/14, 23:43:52 Singularity
Why what's going on with the Unsullied?
4/7/14, 23:42:19 Singularity
I dislike the new Daario.
4/7/14, 23:41:52 Jake
It might make most people forgive the Red Wedding.
4/7/14, 23:40:45 Jake
Next episode tho. Shit's gonna be crazy. Can't wait to see Unsullied reactions.
4/7/14, 23:40:25 Jake
Really, really great first episode.
4/7/14, 23:38:06 Singularity
Hound's gotta have his chickens.
4/7/14, 23:37:35 Jake
The inn scene was incredible.
4/7/14, 23:37:29 Jake
4/7/14, 23:16:27 Singularity
Yeah even I wanted to sleep with him in that scene.
4/7/14, 23:08:51 Jake
Already puttin' the moves on everyone.
4/7/14, 23:08:42 Jake
Oberyn is perfect.
4/7/14, 22:05:45 Singularity
Ahh, I'm up at 5:30am tomorrow morning and getting a coach at 6:45am. Kill me.
4/7/14, 22:05:22 Jake
Now George releasing that TWoW chapter of hers the other day makes perfect sense.
4/7/14, 22:05:13 Singularity
It was a strong scene.
4/7/14, 22:04:54 Jake
I already saw that Arya got back Needle.
4/7/14, 22:00:22 Jake
Doing the lord's work. Bless.
4/7/14, 21:48:14 Singularity
best site for movies and tv, no ads all 720p. My life has changed since I discovered it.
4/7/14, 21:47:55 Singularity


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