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3/29/14, 03:08:59 Jake
The crazy eyes and everything.
3/29/14, 03:08:50 Jake
3/29/14, 00:11:54 Jake
Currently on a europop binge. Send glitter.
3/28/14, 20:46:15 Dora
Also, I'm a fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg of SCOTUS.
3/28/14, 20:45:42 Dora
Think it may be the nose as well.
3/28/14, 20:45:00 Dora
I'm with Shannon on this one, though I don't think I'd want her in my bed.
3/28/14, 10:50:54 Singularity
Would smash and find myself waking up in her kill room/10
3/28/14, 04:21:31 Heretic
And that's just the acoustic stuff. She almost looks pure psycho in the normal versions.
3/28/14, 03:19:37 Jake
Slightly crazy eyes I suppose.
3/28/14, 03:19:29 Jake
She cute.
3/28/14, 01:48:22 Agent Dunham
Ehhh, wouldn't kick her out of bed, but there's something about her that... I dunno.
3/28/14, 00:44:37 Heretic
Shannon likes blondes right?
3/27/14, 23:21:59 Jake
All aboard the SCOTUS train. Choo choo, motherfuckers.
3/27/14, 23:21:36 Jake
3/27/14, 22:37:03 Heretic
I was amused and annoyed by it at the same time.
3/27/14, 22:35:24 Jake
Damn, the mental image is making me laugh. But it's still terrible.
3/27/14, 22:33:41 Heretic
She thought a lighter was a cigarette and tried lighting it with another lighter.
3/27/14, 22:31:57 Heretic
Been a crazy week. Uncle's brain dead and dad can't decide if he's gonna pull the plug. Also, my grandmother's back in our care after almost dying from an infection and getting her leg amputated. Now she shits the bed and her dementia's getting worse.
3/27/14, 22:31:36 Jake
GRRM his artprose.
3/27/14, 22:27:03 Jake
It's one of his best chapters period.
3/27/14, 22:26:49 Jake
It's the best preview chapter he's released.
3/27/14, 22:26:27 Jake
3/27/14, 22:25:10 Heretic
I was going to. Can't remember why I didn't to be honest. o.O
3/27/14, 22:23:46 Jake
Shit goes down.
3/27/14, 22:23:37 Heretic
I just remember people posting epiphany-pictures, silly quotes and updates on when they last took a shit.
3/27/14, 22:23:25 Jake
3/27/14, 22:20:39 Heretic
Deleted mine back in 2011. Never missed it for a moment.
3/27/14, 21:40:21 Singularity
Only reason I remember I deleted it is because friends keeping texting 'why you delete your facebook man?'
3/27/14, 21:39:52 Singularity
Deleted my Facebook a few weeks ago. Haven't felt its absence one bit.
3/26/14, 23:01:21 Jake
Saw that a few days ago. Some prime pictures too.
3/26/14, 22:30:07 Dora
Apparently guys are posing with their dicks in socks on instagram for testicular cancer.
3/26/14, 21:46:38 Jake
Definitely in the running for one of my favorite chapters in the series.
3/26/14, 21:18:04 Jake
The payoff at the end. fffffffffffffffffffffff
3/26/14, 21:17:37 Jake
Well, that was incredible. It's managed to make me more hyped for TWoW, and I didn't think that was possible.
3/26/14, 20:20:27 Jake
New Arya TWoW excerpt. HELP ME.
3/26/14, 20:20:11 Jake
3/26/14, 20:00:20 Jake
It might be a joke post. But I'm honestly not sure.
3/26/14, 19:59:58 Jake
Thread got too real.
3/26/14, 19:59:50 Jake
3/26/14, 17:14:28 Singularity
Did some clothes shopping today for the first time since September. Spent 200. Feels fresh man.


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