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9/29/14, 06:29:48 Accelerator
lololol @ whoever recommended Neoshit
9/27/14, 17:45:08 Heretic
Final-Fantasy.net or something like that.
9/23/14, 23:01:29 Jeremy
Daaaaaaaaaaamn that's a low guest count.
9/23/14, 23:01:11 Jeremy
Happy Birthday, Shan!
9/22/14, 19:54:41 Jeremy
We need a name change/url addy. Relatively simple and cheap. /s
9/21/14, 23:53:04 Ethan
the fact that it didn't blow up even with the announcement of a demo in a mere 6 months tells me all I need to know
9/17/14, 13:19:43 Roerbakei
Hope this forum blows up when ff15 gets a release date
9/17/14, 13:19:27 Roerbakei
Cant believe versus was announced 8 years ago, alot of people finished college/started a family and versus still isnt out
9/17/14, 13:18:50 Roerbakei
its been years since ive been on this site jeez
9/10/14, 00:02:14 Heretic
Everyone must come to NeoGAF. It'd be great. :')
9/9/14, 21:03:52 Dora
I appreciate the experience, but holy fuck this company.
9/9/14, 21:03:30 Dora
Thank Christ.
9/9/14, 21:03:25 Dora
Also, less than 10 days left of my job.
9/9/14, 21:02:58 Dora
I miss you guys. ;;
9/9/14, 14:41:51 Alextation
Holy sheite x2 this forum died
9/9/14, 14:41:40 Alextation
Holy sheite I remembered my log in for this site
9/6/14, 05:43:33 Jake
9/6/14, 05:43:26 Jake
9/5/14, 18:57:02 Dora
9/3/14, 22:32:23 Ahmadhelld
wow it's dead


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