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3/22/14, 18:25:13 Jake
She's hot but has dark circles under her eyes. 2/10 WNB. Way below my standards.
3/22/14, 13:57:39 Singularity
The allure of Eastern European women cannot be resisted. Had a casual thing going with a Polish girl I worked with for a few months and she was so down to earth, was gutted when she went home.
3/22/14, 13:56:49 Singularity
Lol @ the internet obsession over the new Crimean commander.
3/22/14, 13:48:11 Singularity
It's well worth it for the price. My total playtime's nearly 20 hours.
3/22/14, 03:22:43 Heretic
Watched a friend play Ground Zeroes on the PS4. I realized it's been way too long since I've experienced a Kojima game.
3/22/14, 02:28:24 Ethan
pun intended
3/22/14, 02:28:19 Ethan
Pretty straightforward
3/22/14, 00:24:37 Agent Dunham
Could that site be any more obvious in its agenda?
3/21/14, 23:37:51 Ethan
But I compare it to the typical "Wanting what you can't have" or something like that
3/21/14, 23:37:36 Ethan
But I'm not that serious
3/21/14, 23:37:30 Ethan
An off handed comment that springs to mind is they miss the idea of a parent of the other sex. They see examples elsewhere and wish they had that
3/21/14, 23:36:46 Ethan
Also, how can you miss something if you don't have anything to compare it to
3/21/14, 23:19:06 Heretic
There's good parenting and bad parenting. Simple as that.
3/21/14, 22:52:26 Singularity
My Dad was never around from my being 7 years old, never had a male role model in life and it hasn't really affected me. I'm still straight, I have a girlfriend, I'm pretty socially capable... I don't think it's necessary to be honest.
3/21/14, 22:51:27 Singularity
http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/not...should-know-i/ Thoughts?
3/21/14, 21:59:54 Singularity
May genuinely play with French audio and English subs, see if I've still got a grasp of the language.
3/21/14, 21:56:25 Jake
They probably won't seeing as Ubisoft is a French company.
3/21/14, 21:52:00 Heretic
I hope they don't make the French characters as stereotypically annoying as they did with the Italians.
3/21/14, 21:43:17 Jake
They lie every single time.
3/21/14, 21:42:11 Jake
And no, it's highly unlikely it's actual in-game footage as it will look on PS4/Xbone. This is Ubisoft afterall.
3/21/14, 21:40:58 Jake
Too many sales down the drain if they abandoned them already.
3/21/14, 21:39:51 Jake
I honestly cannot see Ubisoft not having an Ass Creed game on PS3/360 this year.
3/21/14, 21:39:15 Jake
Victorian era England might still happen. This French one is only on PS4/Xbone/PC.
3/21/14, 19:31:44 Singularity
3/21/14, 19:31:07 Singularity
No fucking way can that trailer be in-game footage. No fucking way.
3/21/14, 17:46:58 Jake
3/21/14, 17:45:07 Jake
There really are people who will defend ANYTHING.
3/21/14, 17:44:52 Jake
Some of the comments in this thread...
3/21/14, 17:44:43 Jake
3/21/14, 17:40:53 Heretic
New AC is in Paris. I was pulling for Victorian era England but whatever.
3/21/14, 04:13:46 Jake
That German supermarket song tho. Its power.
3/21/14, 04:11:42 Jake
I'm fairly certain the majority of the song is just gibberish.
3/21/14, 03:51:00 Ethan
Couldn't understand most of it, with whatever they did to her voice.
3/21/14, 03:02:41 Jake
Still stuck in my head. :negativeman:
3/21/14, 03:02:16 Jake
And in this is too well made to be an ad song news.
3/21/14, 02:47:42 Jake
3/21/14, 02:47:18 Jake
Title can't be coincidental.
3/21/14, 02:47:14 Jake
Have we all heard the newest song of our generation from Farrah Abraham?
3/21/14, 02:30:48 Ethan
Honey, that hair.
3/21/14, 01:22:57 Agustazz
3/21/14, 01:22:46 Agustazz
My goodness! That cop can get me arrested anytime he wants. D:
3/20/14, 23:59:05 Jake
One is a vicious monster that destroys everything you love. The other is a dragon.
3/20/14, 22:50:30 Singularity
3/20/14, 20:01:14 Heretic
Fred Phelps actually made a video gushing about George Carlin being dead and in hell following the latters death. They should give Fred a rainbow colored tombstone.
3/20/14, 19:53:28 Heretic
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/0...usaolp00000592 Really?
3/20/14, 18:25:46 Dora
Though I had that problem even before I went vegetarian, so...
3/20/14, 18:24:57 Dora
That's really the only hard aspect of it for me, I get tired of eating the same things and also cannot be arsed to spend an age in front of the cooker every day.
3/20/14, 18:23:59 Dora
Being veggie would be so much easier if it were easier to make different things that fill you up.
3/20/14, 18:22:51 Dora
Alex and I do go out for chicken (usually) every now and again, but yeah...
3/20/14, 18:22:12 Dora
I had a sausage and mustard baguette thing today. Feeling mildly guilty.
3/20/14, 18:19:51 Jeremy
One horrible monster down, many more to go.
3/20/14, 18:00:06 Dora
I do that as well.


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