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3/31/14, 03:05:54 Jake
I'm looking through that thread again. A mess at all the porn stars on the first few pages.
3/31/14, 03:04:37 Oracle
http://www.neogaf.com/forum/member.php?u=65820 this flawless avatar
3/31/14, 02:54:36 Oracle
never, slut <3
3/31/14, 02:49:25 Jake
Stop coming for my outdated taste, bitch.
3/31/14, 02:46:37 Oracle
3/31/14, 01:07:05 Heretic
That twat should go live in Iraq for a year.
3/30/14, 22:06:03 Jake
Nice account suicide I guess.
3/30/14, 22:04:30 Jake
Me while reading that post.
3/30/14, 22:04:14 Jake
3/30/14, 20:41:26 Jake
Not me having to use Google to find this.
3/30/14, 20:36:02 Jake
Flop sites all three.
3/30/14, 20:35:42 Jake
A mess that I can't find the video for Lollipop on Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.
3/30/14, 20:25:37 Jake
Going back to Chinese pop, it's rare I find a song I like. I just hate how the language sounds.
3/30/14, 20:23:52 Jake
3/30/14, 20:23:49 Jake
3/30/14, 20:22:36 Dora
3/30/14, 20:20:29 Jake
Her Engrish version of Real Emotion is better than the proper English version.
3/30/14, 20:19:22 Jake
Koda Kumi's power tbh.
3/30/14, 20:18:24 Dora
Also, this is kinda catchy.
3/30/14, 20:16:38 Dora
There will never be any Chinese superstar idols like that because not one of us has any dance rhythm whatsoever unless it's ballet or something.
3/30/14, 20:00:28 Jake
Much like the rest of her career at the moment.
3/30/14, 19:58:38 Jake
Actually, La Perra would be trying simply because she never really did choreo before. But Gaga's has become parody worthy.
3/30/14, 19:54:16 Jake
They don't even tried anymore.
3/30/14, 19:53:54 Jake
Meanwhile, western pop stars pass shit like this and this.
3/30/14, 19:52:06 Jake
Gah, I love the choreo in this video.
3/30/14, 11:08:02 Dora
3/30/14, 11:07:56 Dora
3/30/14, 11:05:13 Jake
3/30/14, 11:04:55 Jake
3/30/14, 11:04:34 Jake
3/30/14, 11:02:58 Dora
3/30/14, 10:58:02 Jake
Sounds like a mid-life crisis of some kind.
3/30/14, 10:57:37 Jake
I cannot.
3/30/14, 10:57:30 Jake
3/30/14, 10:57:06 Dora
She goes on these tirades about followers and oh my God, she sounds like those follower-obsessed tumblr bitches you get.
3/30/14, 10:56:13 Dora
I dunno, maybe she's trying to compensate for her lack of relationship with us by having loads of followers and being popular and whatnot.
3/30/14, 10:53:25 Jake
#ADamnMess #HeavensToBetsy #GorlWhatAreYouDoing
3/30/14, 10:52:50 Dora
Ruins her fantasy of people thinking she's a hot young thing, I guess.
3/30/14, 10:52:42 Jake
3/30/14, 10:52:27 Dora
She doesn't want her followers to know what she looks like, how old she is, that she's married, and has kids.
3/30/14, 10:51:42 Dora
Then again, she could probably just take the lid of the box off or something.
3/30/14, 10:51:28 Jake
... Wut?
3/30/14, 10:51:15 Dora
I dunno, she doesn't want people to know she has kids after all, so maybe not...
3/30/14, 10:50:29 Dora
I forgot about that.
3/30/14, 10:50:23 Dora
3/30/14, 10:50:11 Dora
3/30/14, 10:49:08 Jake
She'll probably photograph it and post it on Instagram.
3/30/14, 10:48:49 Jake
She probably won't even eat it.
3/30/14, 10:48:16 Dora
I should probably put more effort in, but short of flying over (which I didn't really want to do), I think 26 worth of chocolate is good enough.
3/30/14, 10:47:08 Dora
We do shit different here. #heathens
3/30/14, 10:46:37 Jake
3/30/14, 10:45:30 Dora
Gotta call my mother later. #mothers'day
3/30/14, 10:45:07 Dora
3/30/14, 10:43:25 Jake
And d @ Em randomly popping in.
3/30/14, 10:42:14 Jake
Fuck, I need to go to bed. Why am I still awake? #I'mAMess
3/30/14, 10:41:39 Jake
3/30/14, 10:38:39 Dora
Gonna learn dat coding shit and become a supernerd.
3/30/14, 10:38:19 Dora
I picked up a book on C++ yesterday from the free bookshop.
3/30/14, 07:59:45 Oracle
I know no one is here, but alas.
3/30/14, 07:59:33 Oracle
Hello comrades, just popping in to say I'm alive.
3/29/14, 23:27:29 Jake
End me, Ru.
3/29/14, 23:27:26 Jake
3/29/14, 23:22:53 Jake
Let's Turn the Night is great too. When will Born This Way? Also came out before Born This Way. Ru her trendsetting.
3/29/14, 23:20:30 Dora
3/29/14, 23:18:02 Jake
Let me listen to Jealous of My Boogie instead.
3/29/14, 23:15:10 Jake
Sissy That Walk is okay I guess. But the rest...
3/29/14, 23:14:08 Dora
Almost wanted to show solidarity by breaking out my rainbow flag.
3/29/14, 23:14:01 Jake
Speaking of RuPaul, her new alberm is trash. Nary a bop to be found unlike ha past efforts.
3/29/14, 23:13:47 Dora
3/29/14, 23:13:38 Dora
Yeah, I forgot my keys one week and one of them rang the other up and started with "Hey babes" when I went to see if they had the spare keys.
3/29/14, 23:12:10 Jake
... Yeah, they're probably gay.
3/29/14, 23:10:39 Dora
That and they played a bunch of other Eurovision songs and TLC and RuPaul.
3/29/14, 23:10:01 Dora
I am CONVINCED that they're gay. Simply by that fact.
3/29/14, 23:09:45 Dora
My landlady's neighbours played her a few weeks ago.
3/29/14, 23:09:18 Dora
3/29/14, 23:08:38 Jake
I cleansed myself of the filth with Lorqueen afterward for what it's worth.
3/29/14, 23:07:15 Dora
Me: "We're fucking learning how to fly a plane if we ever have money. Fuck that shit."
3/29/14, 23:06:48 Dora
Watched 2012 again on Netflix.
3/29/14, 23:05:56 Dora
For Jedward.
3/29/14, 23:05:47 Dora
I have no words right now.
3/29/14, 23:05:22 Dora
Alex thought Shakespeare was Greek for a moment, the howls.
3/29/14, 23:04:36 Jake
Oh, last night during my europop binge, I listened to Jedward. I was ashamed a bit. And I thought of you.
3/29/14, 23:03:51 Jake
3/29/14, 23:03:24 Dora
You know, if I weren't afraid of non-silicone dicks.
3/29/14, 23:03:10 Dora
10/10 would bang.
3/29/14, 22:56:30 Jake
Internet gays/Tumblr ain't ever gonna forget.
3/29/14, 22:54:08 Dora
3/29/14, 22:53:37 Jake
How is his face real?
3/29/14, 22:53:32 Jake
More Brazilian security guard.
3/29/14, 22:51:51 Jake
They better make that glitter rain.
3/29/14, 22:46:53 Dora
Fucking gays.
3/29/14, 22:46:43 Dora
Got bloody laser lights and shit lighting up all of central London.
3/29/14, 22:46:10 Dora
There's people firing streamers and fireworks everywhere here.
3/29/14, 22:45:37 Dora
Fucking hell.
3/29/14, 12:56:39 Heretic
Would be cool....
3/29/14, 03:08:59 Jake
The crazy eyes and everything.
3/29/14, 03:08:50 Jake
3/29/14, 00:11:54 Jake
Currently on a europop binge. Send glitter.
3/28/14, 20:46:15 Dora
Also, I'm a fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg of SCOTUS.
3/28/14, 20:45:42 Dora
Think it may be the nose as well.


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