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Old Aug 03 2009, 10:06 PM   #21

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Originally Posted by Ascending Adonis View Post
Final Fantasy V.

Its got far better gameplay than any previous game in the series, provides excellent challenge & the quest is long & interesting. It also has terrific music. The story is cliched (though that could be said about any game in the series) but very charming.

People point to IV as being Square's first masterpiece but its very early & unrefined compared their later games, especially VI. The story is decent but aside from a few great characters (Kain) & great art it's nothing special. Fairly ridiculous at points actually. There are some great bosses though.

Everything that Square later became famous for--story driven RPG with cutting edge presentation--first appears, and coheres, in IV....but still I'm not especially fond of it. I'd rather play III tbh. FFV is money though, best customization system in the series.

Also Butz.
I haven't played FFV yet but I've just beat FFIV this week and I agree completly with what you said about it.

For me the game starts with a bang, and just the first 3 hours of it make the story seems better the the whole FFIII. But the gameplay in FFIII is so much better, it has it's punishing moments but FFIV has a lot of cheap battles, especially after thousands of random encounters in the huge dungeons.

Storywise, even though FFIV is good, in the middle of the way I got disappointed because of continuous come and go of characters especially when most of them just appear like a second ago (Especially Edge). I think FFVI story is better than FFIII but somehow I had much more fun with FFIII than FFIV.

Anyway, this discussion should be about FFIV and FFV so I'll stop here. When I play FFV I'll update my thoughts on it vs FFIV.
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Old Oct 05 2009, 01:02 AM   #22
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Final Fantasy IV, of course *0*

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I'm currently playing FFV and it's great so far. As for FFIV, I plan on getting to it because I've never really put in the effort to completely finish it. I'll reach a verdict soon enough.
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Old Oct 05 2009, 06:03 AM   #24

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IV story-wise

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Old Nov 13 2009, 10:03 PM   #25
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Final Fantasy IV but Final Fantasy V had the better game play.
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I like ff5 but ff4 is better. ff5 have to little charachters.
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classics, ff4, ff5

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